Refreshed Kaos (refreshedkaos) wrote in ny_gayboys,
Refreshed Kaos

Manhattan Roomie?

I am looking for a roomie in Manhattan for an August/September move in. I'm a 20 year old female who will be moving to the city. I have 3 cats that I love very much so you should be cool with that. I want someone around my age and preferrably into some of the same stuff as me. I work in the music industry and that is basically my life. I am big into the whole indie/punk/emo/hardcore/power pop/ post hardcore stuff. Having people over to the apartment once in awhile is totally cool with me, I just don't want it to be party central as I work from home a lot also. I can be loud at times and I stay up late then wake up early. PLEASE be responsible, mature, and able to pay your bills on time. Drop me an email if you need a roomie or know of anyone who needs a roomie in the fall in Manhattan. Thanks!
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